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In this interview with Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr of Redthread Research and Chris Pirie of Learning Futures Group, Matthew discusses the concept of “Skills Debt,” what he questions may come as a result of the short term thinking of many L&D investments.

Voices of E-Learning: How Organizations Can Prevent Skill Shortages

In this interview with JW Marshall, Matthew discusses the need to shift from “how do employees perform better,” to “how are employers growing their own talent?” This discussion includes durable vs perishable skills, and how organizations should use Talent Development to prepare for the flexibility the future will require.

Ahead of Tomorrow: Reskilling America - How Can We Prepare Our Talent for Tomorrow?

On this episode, CLO Keith Keating interviews Matthew on the need to create equitable development opportunities for frontline workers and actionable strategies we can execute today to start closing the skills gap. We discuss the concept of scenario planning vs strategy planning and the need for equity and inclusion in L&D.

The Science of Work: S2E3 Ongoing Education

Employers are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain employees. Continuing education incentives are not new, however, the way the program is created and implemented can change your desired outcomes. In this episode,  Matthew gives insights into different considerations for education incentives including how they should be part of your diversity and inclusion strategies.

Performance Matters: The Learner Experience - Empowering Learners as Consumers and Collaborators

In this episode, Matthew addresses the need to advocate for and empower learners by including them in the learning design process and provides tips to enhance the learner experience.

Learning Experience Leader: Learning as Product and a Service Identity

In this episode, Matthew explores how most L&D organizations may be more like a communist state than a free market and how that perspective can impact learners. Also, if instructional designers don’t have the last say on how to transform people…what is left of their identity?

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