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About MJD

Matthew J Daniel

Talent Development Strategy | Corporate EdTech Advisor

Matthew has spent the past 17 years in learning and talent development. Some of that experience has been in house leading learning technology, design, & innovation at Capital One (2012-2018), some has come as an external consultant building learning programs and talent development strategy for some of the country’s biggest employers (2005-2012, 2018-2020), and some has been as a Principal at a unicorn and juggernaut of the EdTech scene, Guild Education (2020-2022). 

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My Skills

With 17 years in Learning & Talent Development, I’ve seen a thing or two. While always flexible and learning, here are my deepest areas of expertise:  

Talent Development Strategy

Org Structure & Alignment
Vision Casting & Thought Leadership

Learning Tech

Strategy, Evaluation, & Selection
G2M & Positioning

Learner Experience

Personas, Journey Maps, User Research

Delivering for Learning & Talent Development

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Guild Education

2020 - Present

Talent Development Strategy & Solution Exploration

When working at an EdTech unicorn startup going through 10x growth, you do whatever it takes. For MJD, that’s been serving as a Principal and experienced corporate leader with experience in scale, brining perspectives to Guild’s teams on how to position in the L&TD market, using his voice as a thought leader in industry press and events to position Guild’s product and services, researching market trends and providing insights to leaders across the company, building cross-functional collaboratives around future needs and offerings, and working with F100 clients on innovative solutions to solve business problems.

The Learner Collective

2018 - 2020

Learner Experience & Technology Strategy

During the rapid growth of L&TD’s importance in most workplaces, MJD assisted companies like Edward Jones, Valvoline, Boston Consulting Group, Texas Instruments, and General Motors. He led learner experience research, consulted on L&D org design and practices, evaluated their existing learning ecosystems, and led RFPs for new platforms. Additionally, MJD worked as an analyst on the future of L&D, writing for industry publications and consulting directly with learning tech providers to define G2M motions, expand feature sets, and provide the “CLO Perspective” to product teams.


Capital One

2012 - 2018

Learning Design, Innovation, & Technology

To be a great consultant, MJD felt like he needed to “live” the work on a Fortune 100 L&D team and understand what it takes to get large cross-functional teams to consensus on direction, share innovative practices, and transform together. Here, he reported to Capital One CLO, built a team of 15 folks who were building innovative learning programs to guide Capital One’s digital transformation, built an organizational technology roadmap across six decentralized learning teams, and implemented concepts like agile, user research, and experience design in the learning function.


GP Strategies

2012 - 2018

Learning Program Design & Technology Implementations

GP was MJD’s “rotation program” into the world of L&D. Starting in the public sector (DoD & DHS) in learning operations, moving to the private sector (Microsoft, Cigna, etc.) for learning program design and learning strategy, and finally leading learning technology (LMS, learning portal, CMS, mobile learning) implementations across innovative clients (Nike, BMS, Cigna, etc.).